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1 hour ago, teenalphabro said:

I almost wanna ask how you know that exists, but your name is Will Ackerman. I know exactly how. 

Film Brain did a review of it a few years ago.

I knew that parody existed, but in my own head I knew I was referring to Breaking Dawn 1. I guess I (wrongly) assumed others would too.

Ah well, no harm done. My lack of clarity has been clarified.

I still feel dirty for putting Breaking Dawn 1 in my Netflix queue.

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For those who don't follow the Facebook page, @D.W. posted the following:

Hey kids.

So it's been a while since you've heard from us and I'm starting to get questions about when the next episode is coming. We weren't kidding about the new "schedule". Things have been sort of hectic. That's the short answer. Also, full transparency, I needed a break. Each episode is a lot of man-hours and I was starting to run on fumes. If you've been keeping up with my fledgling YouTube and blogging career, you know I've had no shortage of things to spend time on. Also, I get burned out on creative projects very easily and the Tirades was the one thing I never really felt I had control over in regards to when I could stop. It's James' baby. He hates when I say that, but it's true. I'm just the cool/deadbeat uncle.

So the goal is to get Mac and Me done and then the holiday episode before the end of the year. Despite watching the movie over a month ago, neither of us have started our notes.


I'm examining the possibility that maybe the scene-by-scene format is getting a little long in the tooth. Part of why there were so many delays is because sitting down to actually type out everything that happens in a good movie would be laborious (great SAT word) enough, but with a bad movie, it is quite literally work. It also makes the episodes super long, which means, longer editing time.

So I'll put it out there and ask what people think. If we stick with the current format, that's fine, but it also means the current schedule is sticking (so one episode every few months). With a different format (trying the commentary thing again, a more loose back-and-forth about the movie in question, etc), the episodes would be shorter but also (most likely) come out more often. Let me know.

- Damien

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That works. And speaking of...

Transformers: The Last Knight is, and I do not say this lightly, comfortably the WORST Transformers film. It's abuse of history, physics and the human eye are unparalleled. Two and a half hours and I can say that I had almost no idea what was going on in any given scene. I have never been so confused and angry and at the same time bored by a film. It yielded only one high point- "Cool backflip, Sir Anthony Hopkins"


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For anyone who doesn't follow the Tirades page on Facebook:

You'll need a Facebook account to read the status. I'll leave it to the hosts if they want to post the text here or not.

In any case, the podcast is on hiatus. No plans for another episode in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for all your work, @James D. and @D.W. You have provided endless hours of quality entertainment. Even if the podcast never comes back, you have brightened the lives of all who have listened to you by making us laugh. And we have a huge treasure trove of archives to listen to. Thanks for everything you have done.

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