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I was asking Des, and I don't really agree with your sentiment anyway. Practically no one under the age of 30 was familiar with RDJ before Iron Man, Hemsworth was basically an unknown, Chris Evans was known but not exactly a star, and Pratt is only known as "that one funny guy on Parks and Rec," which isn't even a high-rated show.

So yeah, why is Doctor Strange so different from the rest?

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Tough noogies. This is a freaking message board, not an AIM conversation. As a person who was under 30 and knew other people under 30, RDJ was more of a known person than you're giving him credit for. Tabloids alone put him in that position. Chris Evans had more than a couple of box office hits under his belt prior to Captain America, enough to make him a household name. Teenage girls (and gay men) alone will argue that he was a name, even then. Guardians is a poor example for your argument because, if anything, its mostly being marketed as an ensemble piece. Hell, Rocket action figures are being marketed more than the Pratt ones. The only one I might give you is Thor but look at the official poster:


While Hemsworth is front and center, Hopkins and Portman take up sizable amounts as well.

While most of the films Marvel has done are licenses to print money, they also aren't going to bet all of their money on someone that is a complete unknown quantity. Phoenix has years of work under his belt along with an Oscar. Cumberbatch will have his chance but, for right now, the studio would rather bet on someone they know can get people into the theater than someone who, frankly, is a British TV actor who is just starting out.

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1. Every other Marvel movie has been a glorified big dumb action movie. Many of them have even been ensemble pieces. Action movies have a lesser importance placed on the actor in exchange for set pieces and special effects.

2. Robert Downey Jr. is a marquee name. More now since the Marvel movies. But he was an accomplished actor that they built an entire universe on.

3. As Dr. Strange will be the first Marvel movie that isn't an action film (fuck, at least I hope so), more of an importance will be placed on character and (hopefully) psychedelica.

4. There are two actors in the Marvel Movie U that can carry a film on their own. Only one of them has their own movie. I'd like to see that list added to.

5. Most importantly, the origin story of Strange is one that is so thematically heavy that it would be difficult to do without bathos and extreme melodrama. An accomplished actor is something that can pull that off.

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