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Copied/Pasted from the movie thread. DOSE VISUALS DOE!!!

 Other Pros:

-Benedict Cumberbatch was immediately perfect in the role. Dunno why there was so much hand-wringing when his casting was first rumored.

-Wong was different but solid

-Mordo was TERRIFIC. Ejifor gave some serious acting into this role, and he has the potential to become one of the MCU's greatest villains.

-By far the most standalone MCU film. Aside from a cursory mention of the Avengers and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Avengers Tower, this is its own movie.

-Mads Mikkelson I thought was terrific. He begins as a rote adversary but the way they present his cult-like ambitions really made him work in a way I think Ronan was meant to but didn't.


-Rachel McAdams is wasted unfortunately. She does a good job but it's an editorial mandated role that smacks of Rachel Dawes. Without here there'd hardly be any women in it tho.

-I think the origin went by a bit too quick. Like, 5 minute in and he has his car crash. Would've liked to see per-accident Strange shown to be more of a dick.


-Strange is very green in this film, and by the end he's still not the Sorcerer Supreme. It's not a bad thing, but I was hoping to see Cumberbatch own the role with a bit more gravitas

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Fun movie. It feels as out of the Marvel universe as Guardians of the Galaxy does. That's not a bad thing.

First post credits scene is great if you like fun scenes. The second one is great if you like seeing future movies set up. 

At first I was like "he's not as arrogant as he is supposed to be", and then he is. 

Strange is wearing a brown outfit, and then it mysteriously turns blue after the hospital fight scene. I was confused. 

The visuals are amazing, except I didn't like the look of the astral forms. They look too CG in the face to the point of looking like they are made of plastic. Why not just make them look normal and see through?

 I love the new Marvel Studios logo. I'll miss the comic pages but this pulls from the now huge library of films instead, and this is a film company not a comic book company. 

I saw it in 3D. I want to see it again normal because it needs the brighter colors in my opinion. 

Cumberbatch is great, even if he does borrow from RDJ's Tony Stark at times. 

Tilda Swinton was Tilda Swinton. You know what you are getting with her. 

Wong was not what I imagined, but he was fine. We never got to see him cut loose though. 

Mads Mikkelson was ok. His villain character was a little too paint by numbers for me though. 

Rachel McAdams was wasted in this movie. She's just there because they needed a female love interest. I had zero interest in her character. Same with the other Doctor that showed back up that I guess was supposed to be Strange's rival?



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With all of the talk of multiple realities, I got the sense Marvel might one day use this movie to visit the Ultimate Universe and / or reboot their entire cinematic universe from scratch. (Or, one day, link in movies they didn't produce in-house, such as the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man films.)

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