Episode 80


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Two points -

First, as to the "dog's" prim and proper voice in "Every Dog" - it didn't sound like an impersonation or anything, but it really made me think of Mr. Peabody from Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Second, about the "moral" of...that Cyborg and Atlas episode, whose name escapes me (We have a new baby, so I'm a bit sleep deprived). I'm not commenting on the episode as a whole, which was very ehh. The moral dragged it down, though. They're trying to do the "If you try hard enough, you can do more than you thought" by just having Cyborg WANT to be stronger, so...he is! Cyborg's powers don't run on will! He's not Green Lantern! If he was Green Lantern, his costume would be green, now wouldn't it?

The thing is, Cyborg's design limits, and the frustration they give him, would be a great piece of characterization. It makes sense, and it would help establish him, even define him. The moral of this story would have been much stronger if they had kept that intact. After his initial defeat, he could have used his skills to redesign some components, or figure out a way to face Atlas that played to his strengths, and gotten the same message across while still keeping what could have been a cool (and logical) piece of characterization intact.


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(We have a new baby, so I'm a bit sleep deprived)


Indeed! Now all you need to do is raise the child to be a crime fighter!

Unfortunately, the last time we had a lightning storm in Hawaii was Christmas of 2008, and my wife made me move the rack of chemicals away from his crib. I never get to have any fun.

"We can't change who he is. Not without dropping him in a vat of toxic waste. Steve...."

"Now where would we even find a vat of..."


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I don't mean to be rude, I'm new here, but how exactly does Teen Titans fall into continuity of the DCAU? Is there a psychological component that we are seeing the animation as a young child would, like through a prism, but in reality the events took place very differently for those involved? Any suggestions... somebody really needs to walk me through this.

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Thanks for the thread... Wow, I always had issues with Batman: TAS and Gotham Knights being in continuity. I always took the red skies to be the beginning of a crisis event. Interesting read. To be honest, the series is growing on me. I will just accept that it is in continuity.

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