Howard the Duck: The Movie

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In the eighties I used to watch this obscure movie version of Howard the Duck over and over when I was a kid and had cable. Now with a DVD version finally out, I can watch my favorite cigar chomping anamorphic duck all over again.

For movie fans who thought this film flopped and it did, should give it a chance to see it before there was CGI, only guys in costumes. This movie was rated PG, but after seeing the Nostalgia Critic's review where he does the Duckt**s joke made me chuckle. Yes, they did show a female duck's breast in the opening, I didn't notice this.

The whole thing when to weird with the whole Dark Overlords thing. I was expecting old Howard villains like Garko the Man Frog, Hellcow, and Dr. Bong, not some evil alien scorpion monster. George Lucas should get his butt kick due to this movie, even worse than Jar Jar Binks.

I still love this movie for it's feel of the 80's, like Ghostbusters and Gremlins. Go find this film and watch it with a friend, and go all MST3K over it.

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