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Trying to figure out the motivations of the villains, they were imprisoned 13 years ago and they have a distinct agenda re the Avatar. But Aang died 18 years ago, so were they involved in his death and then were hunted down? Or did they show up after that and go after the young Korra? Need more info!

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They pushed the show out without the proper promotion in order to counter the 5 episode leak and it totally backfired. I'm utterly amazed that this is what's happened.when it's clearly a promotional fuck up and nothing to do with the quality or appeal of the show. You don't just shed nearly half your viewing average from one season to the next, not unless your show is suddenly very bad which no-one could accuse Korra of being.

We'll get to see the rest of this season soon but what I'm really worried about is Book 4. It's going to need to be phenomenally popular online to justify another season.

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Considering Korra was supposed to be 2 seasons in the first place and the comparative length of Avatar I'd be perfectly fine with it ending after Book 4. That said, really bummed about what's happening.

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Book 4 is already well into production, so we know we're getting that.

It's really bizarre. Is it really just a lack of good marketing? Because the dropoff from Book 1 to Book 2 is incredibly steep. Granted, Book 1 was better by a mile, but still, 2 shouldn't have dropped THAT much. Maybe it was the giant gap between books? 12 episodes per year isn't enough to sustain a casual fanbase?

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Book 4 is all I ever thought we'd get so I'll be happy with that. I can't believe that the drop from a 5.0 on it's debut to a 1.5 is the result of the show's quality dipping, I think it's improving all the time just like Avatar did. On average each season finds a level ratings-wise, the big dips happen between those seasons (Peacekeepers in season 2 excepted, which I'm presuming must be for a reason). Promotion and scheduling have to be the main reasons.

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Plenty of shows get put into production and never see the light of day, despite that I think we will see a Book 4. My only worry is that without Nickelodeon behind it, the amount of money put behind it will be greatly reduced resulting in a major drop in quality. We'll have to wait and see.

Also, I believe that drop in ratings between seasons 1 and 2 to be the result of three reasons:

1. The year long gap between seasons.

2. Insufficient advertising.

3. The deadly 8pm Friday night time slot.

As far as the rest of season 3 goes, Bryan Konietzko posted this on his tumblr page:


But as I said elsewhere, while it's good that we'll be able to see season 3 conclude in some format, it kinda sucks for Mike and Bryan. I mean they pour their hearts and souls into this series to see it jerked around by Nick to the point of near cancellation and mere online releases. Must make them feel like crap.

EDIT: Michael DiMartino has just posted this on facebook:

"Hey everyone! I appreciate all the support for the show and share your frustration. But the good news is, you will be able to see the rest of Book 3 of Korra, I just don't know all the details yet. And there is most definitely a Book 4. All the pre-production is done and Studio Mir is hard at work on the animation. So this was a disappointing development for sure but as long as you all are able to see the show in some capacity, I'm grateful. And honestly, you're all watching it online anyway, right?"

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Regardless, Nick will still make a mint off the DVD release and the double dip when they do the complete series release in a couple of years. Enough work has already been done on season four for Nick to weigh it as more profitable to air than close down production. Regardless, we won't get a Book 5.

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The showrunners explain what's going on.

The basics:

-Korra's online viewership has long outweighed its TV viewership

-The move to digital reflects the modern shift towards new digital-only content, not bad signs for Korra.

-The Book 2 finale digital event was Nick's biggest online event of the year, and inspired Nick to move Korra to digital-only

-The move was actually planned to take place sooner than it ended up happening

-Nickelodeon botched the messaging this week and no one is happy about it

-Nothing about the show itself is changing whatsoever

So obviously there's been a big shakeup. We wanted to address that quickly but we don't want to take too much time because we're here to have fun and we have stuff you guys haven't seen yet. But pulling it off the channel and moving it to digital exclusively is part of the huge sea change in the whole industry. I'm sure you've seen articles about cable numbers and streaming and companies doing their own content and all sorts of stuff. So obviously we're in the middle of a huge change. And things have changed just for us since we did in Avatar in 2005-2008 and then when we came back in 2012. And when Book 1 of Korra came out it did pretty good on TV but its online presence was just insane. Not only the chatter from all the fans but the actual numbers in terms of digital downloads and streaming, it's just been huge. And as the show's gone along, by Book 2, the numbers in the digital streaming greatly outweighed the channel .

It's no secret that Avatar, especially Korra, is not typical Nickelodeon fare. And so they've had kind of a hard time fitting it into their programming. But basically the Book 2 finale, the numbers were insane when they streamed it, when it went on It was the biggest event they had that year. And that show, digital downloads for that season was amazing. And, as you've seen, not so much on the channel. So it's just part of this shift over.

It definitely caught us by surprise and it wasn't necessarily done in the smoothest way and that was upsetting to many of you and us as well.

So, we're moving over to digital. It's actually a plan that was in place earlier and it changed course and then went back in a bit of a messy way. But thanks for sticking with us.

It won't affect what the show is or what stories we're telling. We've already written the scripts, we've finished all the pre-production, we're just doing post and Studio Mir is finishing the animation. Other than it not being on the Nickelodeon main channel nothing is changing. You get to see it, which is the important thing.

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