The Legend of Korra


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Of Course Nick wants the show to succeed, but the show is ending this season either way. Ratings don't matter as far as the show's survival, plus it's staying online right? A month gap in between season seems a little extreme, but then again, if it's all done and polished I don't know what I'm complaining about.

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Hey! That was really cool. I really wasn't expecting it but once it was there I totally got it.

As a season this asked a lot less questions about the nature of this world than the first three, and as a villain Kuvira was the least interesting, but it did feel like something those prior seasons were honing team Avatar for.

Love this article-

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Doing a big rewatch of this during my flu affliction. Onto season 4 again and in hindsight the Korra/Asami thing is so obvious. She blushes when Asami complements her haircut! Asami was the only one she could write to. They're more supportive of each other than anyone else at this point. It's so well told, I'm really glad to be going through it again.

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1 hour ago, James D. said:

I've finally watched the first three seasons and I'm beyond impressed. I think I might actually like Korra more than Avatar: TLA, which is saying a HELL of a lot.

I can sum up Season 3 in one phrase:

"Suyin wins. FATALITY."

I was chatting about this with a friend who was hanging at our place watching Avatar episodes this weekend. She never took to Korra as a show and quit a couple of episodes in, but honestly if you give it time it's the superior of Avatar in most every way. Every season the varied threats, the exploring of the world, of the Avatar as a concept, it's brilliant.

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