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I'll be happy to eviscerate it on the Tirades since we banned it from E-2: The Show.

I really want the three of you who ripped VI and VII apart to get back together to review VIII. I know you said you were done, but those podcasts were way too awesome not to get together again when VIII comes out. It will be a four year break. Come on, you can do it. :)

When I looked around and realized I was the only person in the theater saw VII was starting, I sat down and thought, "I knew this was going to be bad, but this is going to be even worse than I expected."

And that movie was still worse than I anticipated, even with those lowered expectations. You cannot call a movie the "final chapter" and end with a cliffhanger!

I have seen every one of them after my name was mentioned in the first one, though VII was the only one I saw in the theater.

But I have never stabbed anyone with a rusty nail. I never even met that guy.

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