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I can't wait to see how this shakes out. He deserved so much better than he got.

At the same time, Marvel fought this for decades (just as WB fought the Siegel and Shuster families) because credit has a way of turning into money, so now we're going to see even more examples of creators looking for what they see as being rightfully theirs. If the Daredevil show is a huge hit, will Bill Everett's family come calling? If Shazam! has a stellar opening weekend, C. C. Beck's grandkids will want a word with WB.

I'm not saying that's bad (not by a long shot), but it could be chaos.

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I think it was on Fat Man on Batman where Paul Dini said their concepts for Batman Beyond villains were basically "Batman villain but futuristic and different in some way" Inque was Clayface-ish, Venom became a patch, the Joker inspired a whole gang, all that. Granted I haven't watched all of Batman Beyond yet, but I don't think Terry had that good of a rogues gallery.

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Still though, there's a very big difference between "Inque is sorta like Clayface" and "Terry's dad was killed by the grandson of the guy who killed Bruce's parents. And he also has almost the exact same name." The only way it could have been worse is if he was named Joe Chill the third.

It also sucks because Mr. Fixx, even though he was only in the first two episodes, was a really cool villain. His fight with Terry is one of the iconic moments from the show.

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Almost every one of Terry's villians directly correlates to a Spider-Man villian, even if they try and play it off as Batman villians.

Blight-Green Goblin





Big Time-Rhino

Mad Stan-The Shocker


Curare-Black Tarantula

Ten-Black Cat


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