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Why, oh why, won't DC put out affordable Captain Marvel collections.

A big part of that is that the copyright on all the old Fawcett comics were never renewed and they're virtually all in the public domain. The lion's share of the Marvel titles are all easily located on archive sites.

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DC should do it, because they have the means to do it really well. The Shazam! Archives were gorgeous. But most of these comics can be read for free online, so the readership (which is not going to be super high anyway) willing to spend money on a bound edition is not going to be enough to justify it.

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I fucking loved "The Captain" when it was published. I'm terrified to re-read it.

Yeah...but I know for a fact that some of those issues are great. The Fall of the Mutants tie-in and the Vault breakout are really fun. The early stuff with Cap being decowled I remember being pretty powerful too. Gruenwald wrote Cap for like ten years and had very few stinkers for the amount of time he wrote it (looking at you, Cap-Wolf and weird armored Cap suit that looked like NFL Superpro!).

A lot of people shit on Streets of Poison too, but Ron Lim draws it and Cap takes meth and becomes an asshole. What couldn't possibly be awesome about that?

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Ok, I'm going crazy but is there a book, and actual issue, that details the fall of the Capt Britain corps, or is there only the recap we get in Hickmans Avengers books? I feel like I'm missing a huge chunk of story.

I'm going to assume the Franklin stuff was in Fantastic Four. What happening to asterisks and note detailing books where events happened?

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Yeah, that's the recap issue in Hickman's run I read that made me want to find the full story, if it exists. I saw that it happened in the SpiderVerse as well which piqued my initial interest.

It's like if Thor turned up with one eye and said "Ragnarok happened, all the Asgardians are dead" but there was no story where it actually happened.

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