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Here's something I noticed. A week or so back, Marvel released a Dead No More teaser. It was simple white text on an all-black background. Then a few days ago, DC released this Rebirth image:


Just now, Marvel sent along their second Dead No More teaser:


So, either Marvel is taking the piss out of DC, or there's a very purposeful inter-company motif going on here with resurrection and theatre curtains. Could both companies be hinting at a crossover? Doubtful, I know, especially since Bleeding Cool says this is a soft reboot-ish for DC, but the similarities here are worth noting.

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So, Angela Queen of Hel is cancelled as of next month's issue, apparently. Not surprising. 

What is surprising is that Bennett got told about the decision back in November. For context, the first issue went on sale on October 28th. 

That means that at best, Marvel had sales data for one issue tops, and maybe pre-order information for issue 2, before they decided to axe it. That's... pretty goddamn early to axe a book, no? Especially when there are titles doing WAY worse (looking at you Illuminati and Red Wolf). 

I'm happy Bennett got to take it out on the note she wanted, and that Moss fought for her to be able to do so, though.

In other news, Weirdworld has disappeared off the solicits for June, which probably means it got the axe after 6 issues. 

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Pre-sales of second and third issues are early indicators for the life of a series. First issues sell whatever they'll sell based on characters, the title of the book, and creators. From there, second issue pre-sales will always dip because no one has read the first issue by the time the second issue needs to be ordered. Third issue sales will level off between that of the first and the second issues, and that's when publishers will decided if a series will last beyond six or eight issues.

So to hear Marvel made the decision that early is a little surprising.

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