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Gail Simone tells the best story:

One other story I read recently that’s funny. I know this sounds obnoxious but the comp books we get from dc can really pile up over the course of the years. Apparently, Alan Moore had been receiving these books and finally said, “Please don’t send any more DC comp books to me, thank you, they are cluttering up my home.”

“Except New Frontier. You can keep sending that.”

Alan was right.

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I mentioned the letters pages of NF Agent of SHIELD to Don McGregor on Facebook and he replied, pretty awesomely. Thread here:


Ha! Now Don's reposted it on his page:

As much as I can shit on social media, I have to say that sometimes it can be pretty great.

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More of the same. Captain America, Devin Faraci, Bernie Bros, #NeverTrump, #AlwaysTrump, name it. The death threats against Tom Brevoort seems to have sent people screaming into battle on both sides.

It does seem to have been amped up.

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Salient major points atm:

-Michael Davis posted a response to Abhay's response to his Leave Dan Didio Alone post that can best be described as severely unhinged (highlights include:  "Like the emperor, the little bitch has no clothes. The industry is eating up what is the comic book equivalent of weapons of mass destruction. Just like Bush you picked a target to attack because it was convenient and you made a convincing case by writing smoke and mirrored attack on me."

-A bunch of pros posted that shittily argued "Fandom is Broken" piece by Devin Faraci and a lot of fights ensued between critics and creators (including at least one between the Chew author Layman, Declan Shalvey, Ray Fawkes, and JA Micheline that I saw)

-Dan Slott tweeted a photo of a death threat (name blurred) and a critical comment from Andrew Wheeler about Hydra Cap (unblurred) that basically conflated the two, Nick Spencer retweeted it, and people piled on Wheeler for sending death threats. Slott and Spencer later deleted it. 

There's at least two other things going on right now but honestly it's just kind of insane? Or at least more so than normal low level trash fire. 

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Faraci offers some clarifications subsequent to the Twitter shitstorm.

The fact that Faraci can be problematic does not negate what he's saying. Fan entitlement (fantitlement? No, sorry) is an incredibly real thing that most often is annoying but harmless (I could go the whole rest of my life without running across a Youtube video of a guy sitting in front of his toy collection demanding changes to/the eradication of a movie he hasn't seen yet or a comic he has no intention of actually reading) but has devolved into ugliness, threats and actual violence often enough that it's a real thing.

The Dan Slott thing could have been handled a hell of a lot better. However, if you remember what happened to him as a result of being the guy who wrote the story where Peter Parker died (he was on the receiving end of a torrent of death threats for months), I can completely understand why he would throw his shields up and not think about how he was presenting things.

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That's less a clarification and more "yeah, I know I told a screenwriter to kill himself and that his wife could move in with me, but trust me, I'm one of the good guys."

And trust me, there's a lot of things fans do that annoy me, but the recent hashtag campaigns and negative reaction to the Cap twist (death threats in a separate category of course) aren't coming from the same place as a bunch of nerds buying a billboard to whine that the Star Wars Expanded Universe is gone. 

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I have no problem with the sentiment of Faraci's article (from what I gather from the article and response, because I refuse to click on Faraci's site, let alone read his shit), I have a problem with the messenger. Faraci is a perfect example of toxic fandom, to the point of trying to coax another writer to commit suicide.

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