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This is my instant reaction and very well may change down the line, so keep that in mind: This is the biggest coup comics has seen since... I don't even know when. Maybe when Jim Lee sold Wildstorm to DC? That said, this is not New Avengers-era Bendis. While not a slight on his current work (Defenders is amazing, and Spider-Man is fun), he's not the huge name he was in 2008. But it's still major news, and I cannot wait to see how this reinvigorates him and DC's line.

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If they keep him earthbound and squad-based it could work well. I'm thinking a Chase book where she leads a DEO team in the darer side of the DCU taking on Kobra or whatever, it could work. Or even Suicide Squad though I really like the team on that book. The moment they give him an event or, god forbid, a Superman book, I don't see it going well.

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To be fair, he's basically been outed for like 10 years. He needs to be run out of the business, and every woman who were victims should file a class action lawsuit against DC/Warner Bros. for what they did.

There's proof DC held this under their hat and shushed this up repeatedly. That's some tens/hundreds of millions of dollar shit right there. Companies have to be hit where it hurts for this shit to be actionable.

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4 hours ago, The Master said:

Word has it he has been suspended by DC. Not fired, simply suspended pending review. This is bullshit. They knew yet they promoted him, and fostered an unsafe environment. And they only finally reacted because they were caught.

Seriously, he MUST have pictures of someone. I don't get why he hasn't been Mussolini'd for all the world to see.

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For the TL;DR set:

  • Weekly Man of Steel series with Ivan Reis, Doc Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, and Jason Fabok
  • Action Comics and Superman after the mini
  • His Jinxworld books are starting up there, too
  • And he'll be overseeing an imprint "not unlike what Gerard Way is doing with Young Animal. It's going to be a select series of special comics."
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My childhood LCS (well the one I've been going to consistently since I was 12) has just stopped ordering comics. I'm pretty upset about it, but I understand and sympathize with the decision. I've quit Walking Dead (currently have like three years of unread issues) and moved MTV savage Dragon orders to DCBS. I did however take part in the comics sale he did and got each of these for 5 Canadian dollars


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Not sure if I've ever mentioned it here, but the triplets who play the Mother character in The Cell have an interesting connection to comics. 


This is Joy Creel Liefeld. Yes, she's the lady Rob Liefeld proposed to via comic strip in the back matter for Youngblood #1 (? might have the number wrong).

Here's her with her two sisters:


Things starting to look familiar? Huh?

Might be because you've seen all of them in various movies and TV shows over the past 30 or so years with each other (or spelling each other off as child labour laws make hiring multiples very lucrative to shooting schedule-minded filmmakers).

Here they are younger in the same layout, I think:


That's right. Rob Liefeld's sister-in-law is.....


Here she is, depicted in the exact moment she's asking her bro-in-law where all the characters' feet are:


You're welcome.

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