A Spoof Movie I might actually watch

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In my day, the vampires were mysterious and attracted to the high school girl, too. But the high school girl was interesting and had super-powers and the vampire was David Boreanez.

In my day, vampires were old men who young women could not resist. And their vampire brides all looked like Monica Bellucci.

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In my day Vampires were mopey, often kinda gay, and prone to either existentialist dilemmas or inner monologued until there was no tomorrow.

They also often did around five levels of lethal damage to your average mortal and let me roll 7 ten-sided dice when convincing another member of my coven that I wasn't feeding on their thralls.

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I'm sorry, but because that comic spawned one of the worst animated adaptations of a comic book in recorded history, it loses many cool points.

And Alucard isn't the dandy. Tubalcain Alhambra is. :headbonk:

Right, and the vast majority fo the "geek world" doesn't even know it exists making it harmless.

Plus it's better than a lot of other "animated adaptations" I can think of.

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