Episode 44


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another great podcast.

Planet of the Spiders isn't a great story, and the chase scene in episode 2 is interminable, but there's enough there to keep the interest a bit.

some interesting casting notes from it though. Some of the Spiders are voiced by Roger Delgado's widow, as a favour from the Dr Who team. Cho-Je is played by Kevin Lindsay, who played the Sontaran Lynx in Time Warrior (and returns as Styre in Sontaran Experiment). And Lupton is played by John Dearth, who voiced the mad computer BOSS in the Green Death.

I'm with Dan, in that Jon Pertwee is my least favourite Doctor. For similar reasons, I find him too attatched to Authority. The Doctor shouldn't be working for anyone, and as much as I like the Brigadier, hearing someone giving the Doctor (or attempting to give him) orders, is just wrong.

You are in for a treat for the next few months though, there's some great stories coming up. Tom Baker isn't my fave Doctor (Davison was my doctor), but his first 3 seasons have some cracking good stories. (oh, and Dan...i'm with you on Androids of Tara...it's a wonderful story).

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Long live the scarf!

The hideous scarf I am currently knitting. Three strips down and fifty more to go. Whee!

I loved the most recent episode guys. I cannot wait for you guys to get to The Talons of Wei-Chaing, my new favorite Doctor Who episode.

Ah, that's the one with the first visible tits in Doctor Who. Which was a surprise.

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