Cat Schwartz topless

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This is Cat Schwartz of TechTV/G4TechTV fame. She has that nerd-chic thing going on.


In July of 2003 she posted two images of herself at her personal blog. (Click for larger images.)



However, she made a booboo. I guess it's possible for a thumbnail image to sometimes become out of sync with the larger image, and, unless you make major change and "just crop the picture and re-save it under the original file name, the preview thumbnail stays the same and reflects not what your image currently looks like but instead what the original looked like." (Quoted from a tutorial.)

To demonstrate this, click on the images of Cat's eyes and of her smoking (above), then "save as" to some location on your computer. Open Photoshop, then go to "file/open" and click on one of the two images you just saved. The preview image (depending on which one you clicked) should look like this:



Clearly this is not what Cat intended for us to see, but it should serve as a lesson to all of you: Double check your preview images with the larger images to make sure they're in sync. If not, you might end up embarrassing yourself.

Now, as a special treat, here are enlarged copies of the preview images. Enjoy.


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