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I'm in a trivia team that are in a social comp once a week. We're pretty good, in the top 3 teams most weeks. Everytime we win, we change our team name, and it's always a combination of "Song Title" "Actor/Actress Name". Some examples are

April Sun in Cuba Gooding Junior

Black Betty White

Cry me a River Phoenix

Christopher Walken in Memphis

Hold me closer Tony Danza

Bat Out of Helen Mirren

Help me Rhonda Burchmore

Cotton Eye Joe Pesci

Ted Danson on the Ceiling


Looking for some other options as we keep piling on the wins. It's a great comp, not sure how popular they are in other parts of the world but it's free to enter and winner gets a $50 voucher for the bar.

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Wherever I May Roman Polanski

My Michelle Pfeiffer

Me & Mr. Tommy Lee Jones

Guns and Dolly Parton

Momento Maury Povich

Harvest Moon Unit Zappa

Prisoner of Courtney Love

Knockin' On Heaven's Doris Day

Danny Bonaduce Boy

San Quentin Tarantino

Cowboys From Helen Hunt

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Rose Byrne-ing Down The House

Chris Rock Lobster

Matthew Goode Vibrations

Ticket to Rider Strong

Barry White Wedding

Wayne Knight has a Thousand Eyes

Tom Green Onions

When You Wish Upon a Star Jones

Charles Rocket Man

John Oliver's Army

Charles Dance, Dance

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Everbody's Talking Lear

Touch Too Much Ado About Nothing

Julius Caesar You Gonna Be My Girl?

Time is Titus Andronicus

Chocolate Salty Balls Well That Ends Well

Cymbeline On Me

Love's Labours Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Much Ado About Nothing Compares 2 U

The Tempestilence & Plague

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