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I thought the trial was pretty poorly thrown together. It felt far lower quality than I'm used to with this show. The ending,

I just don't get people shitting themselves over how good that episode, and particularly Dinklage's performance, was. It was probably the weakest episode of the season thus far. The Daenarys stuff didn't help either.

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I was trying to figure out if he truly was into Sansa and after the thing went down I realized he staged it for both Lysa and Sansa. Lysa, so she would fly off the handle and so he would look like he was defending Sansa(because she's an idiot and will believe he was). He now has the Eyrie and Winterfell in his pocket. What a genius.

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Second the I knew Oberyn's death was coming but jesus christ whyyyyy. Also, goddamn, this is what I've been fucking HOPING for from Sansa. Also wasn't expecting them to tackle the Jorah stuff this episode too. Continued LOLing at how close Arya and Sansa keep coming to each other. Also I'm pretty sure this episode broke Arya.

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