Samus vs. Megaman

Who wins?  

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This is classic Megaman I'm talking about; NOT Megaman X and NOT Megaman.exe from the Battle Network games.

I have know idea why they would be fighting. Just make something up yourself.

The terrain has many obstacles to hide behind, but both of them start in view of each other.

-edit---- **** I forgot to make it a poll again. lol---

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Bah, I was thinking about making this poll recently, too. Arrg! :grumble:

This'll probably be just the two of them fighting w/o any of their abilities, since if you were to give Samus her powers, you'd have to allow Mega Man some of his boss powers and there's just way too many to choose from in that case. Or atleast, that's how I'd do it if I did the poll. So I won't vote till I hear how it's really gonna go.

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They both have most of their abilities.

You really have to define "most", because Mega Man has had hundreds of power-ups over the years. Does he have all of them, and, if not, which ones is he equipped with?

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