I'm going on the Oregon Trail


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Preston and Chris join the party. I'm randomly adding Suavestar since I need one more person.

It'll be a long trek, but we have many oxen and rations available.

I shall report on the journey as we progress.

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We start the trip in May, 1848. Rations set at meager. Pace is steady.

Money: $660.00

Oxen: 5

Food: 2000 lbs.

Spare tongues: 2

Spare axles: 2

Spare wheels: 2

Clothes: 5

Bullets: 100

May 11 - We reach the Kansas River Crossing. We caulk the wagon and make it across.

May 23 - Big Blue River Crossing. We ford the shit out of it and get through.

June 4 - Suavestar is vomiting up blood. I figure now is a good time to rest.

June 15 - We've reached Fort Kearney, get some R&R and buy some oxen, cause you can never have too many oxen.

June 22 - An axle broke! I'm but a mere banker, but I still repaired it.

July 7 - A wagon wheel has broke!

July 18 - We've reached Chimney Rock. From this point on, the trail becomes more rugged as we head toward the Rocky Mountains.

July 19 - An utter dogshit day. Mike has measles! The wagon tongue breaks. Suavestar is complaining about the travel.

August 2 - Fort Laramie. Apparently I need more spare parts for the wagon.

September 9 - Preston is exhausted. I probably shouldn't have asked him to help pull the wagon.

September 15 - Another broken axle.

September 22 - Chris is suffering from hallucinations; starts reading Grant Morrison. One of the oxen has died.

October 3 - I'm out of wheels. One of us has to sell our body in exchange for supplies. Preston was a little too eager.

November 5 - Snowstorms like woah. We lose another oxen.

December 2 - We're out of food. It's proposed we eat Suave, but I go on a hunting spree instead.

December 23 - Another horrible day. Mike has dysentery. Suavestar wants to stop and turn around. Preston has a fever and there isn't a cowbell in sight. TWO oxen die.

December 24 - Severe winter weather has snowed us in. We had to resort to cannibalism before finally dying of hunger.

Well, that could have gone better.

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How do I join in?

You just did.

Next game will be tomorrow.

This will be the party.





Same starting supplies, but the trip will start in March so we don't get raped by winter again.

Take your dysentery bets now.

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