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Cleaned out the CD rack of stuff I looking to sell. Make an offer and it is yours.

Alan Vega - "New Raceion"

"Chants for Life"

W.O.W. Magazine (Wrestling) Entrance Themes

David Lanz - "Cristofori's Dream"

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - "The Christmas Album"

The Watchmen - "Silent Radar"

The Men - "The Men"

Night Ranger - "Big Life"

Accept - "No Substitutes"

Antonio Vivaldi - "The Four Seasons"

George Winston - "December"

Bach - "The French Suites"

USAF Heritage of America Band - "Frontiers"

"The Romantic Flute"

Genesis - "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"

Semisonic - "Pleasure E.P."

Teenage Fanclub - "Thirteen"

"Punk Crazy"

"Best of Japanese Stars '98"

Cheryl Wheeler - "Sylvia Hotel"

"Wild Wild West Soundtrack"

Van Halen - "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"

Michael Gettel - "The Key"

Schumann - "Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3"

Adagio - "Greatest Hits"

Gamalon - "High Contrast"

Dillon O'Brian - "Scenes From My Last Confession"


Big Wreck - "In Loving Memory Of..."

Charlie Major - "Everything's Alright"

Tracy Bonham - "The Burdens of Being Upright"

Wire - "A Bell Is A Cup"

Kojo Antwi - "ajuaba"

Ron Wasserman - "Trios"


"Beyond the Chant"

Serenata - "Demo Cuts"

"Um Tomb Per La Musica"

Gene Loves Zezebel - "Discover"

Yutaka - "Another Sun"

Cactus Highway

"U'Mix #2"

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Up for sale at the following wrestling DVDs. All WWE have been viewed once. I am thinking that $10 a piece will make them yours. You pay shipping. Buy more and I'll cut you a deal.


- Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon (2 Discs)

- The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80s (3 Discs)

- Road Warriors: The Rise & Fall of.... (2 Discs)

- Rob Van Dam: One of a King (2 Discs)

- Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker (3 Discs)

- The Dusty Rhodes Story (3 Discs)

- ECW: Bloodsport, The Most Violent Matches (2 Discs)


- All-Star Extravaganza (11.9.02) - Shinjiro Ohtani & Masato Tanaka vs. Low Ki & Steve Corino & AJ Styles vs. American Dragon

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