Your favourite booze(s)


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Simple enough, unless you're one of our younger listeners and have yet to distinguish between the fine choice of beverages out there. Struck upon this whilst drinking a perfectly foul IPA and wishing I have something more tempting in hand. Such as-


Kopparberg Winter Fruits Cider. In a glass, over ice with a straw. Gorgeous. OK that's a bottle of mixed fruit not Winter Fruits in the picture, but it turns out its even harder to find a pic of the stuff than it is to find it in the pub. No, Stawberry and Lime or Summer Fruits are not adequate substitutes. Mixed fruit is fine.

But not my overall winner, which is-


Desperados, a tequila flavoured beer. Cold, in the bottle with a slice of lime. Heaven. Although I'm not sure I've met anyone who likes it as much as I do yet.

I've shown you mine, you show me yours.

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When I can afford it, (Which is rare, there is but one choice:)


On the rocks, or with soda, it's just pure love.

When I can't afford the Irish stuff, I stick with a cheaper, but still damn fine whiskey:


Kessler, a damn fine cowboy whiskey if there every was one.

As far as beer goes, I have about three that bear mentioning:

1. Fort Collins Brewery's Chocolate Stout. The only beer blacker than my heart.


2. Rolling Rock


3.) Whatever Lienenkugel's wants to put in a bottle. Yum.


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I'm a vodka man at heart, my vodka of choice is usually Smirnoff Triple Distilled. It has a good proof and goes down smooth. If I mix it with anything, I like it with some cranberry sierra mist, OJ, or cranberry juice. I'm also a fan of Long Island Iced Teas and Gin and Tonics. For the lighter stuff, I tend for my girly stuff (can't stomach beer at all.) Something fruity and gay pretty much.

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Warning going into this, a lot of mine have NSFW names. Also, I have a lot. xD

For the hard stuff, Bailey's, any flavor:


Kahlua (which is very good when mixed with the former):


And also Chambord:


Honorable whiskey mention for the only whiskey I've been able to down straight, the Knot:


For cocktails, the Dr. Mario (which I will make you all when we get together at C2E2, so long as y'all have Coke, Dr. Pepper, gin, and vodka and dont' mind me experimenting to get the right mixture):




A drink my dad taught me this summer, lemonade, rum, and Chambord, which I do not have a picture of.

Also, a bar by my uni called Cleo's specialty the Dirty Snowball. No, I do not know what is in it, I wish I did. It is very good.

Something me and my friends did one night, Godiva hot chocolate + vanilla schnapps + Chambord

My aunt's Christmastinis: Godiva liquer, mint schnapps, and vodka. Might be something else in there, too.

That drink that tastes like the center of the universe that I keep trying to put together that's Chambord and rum so far, need something that tastes like stardust.

Screaming Orgasm (vodka + Bailey's + Kahlua):


Buttery Nipple (Bailey's + butterscotch schnapps):


And as far as beers/lighter stuff goes:

Smirnoff Ice raspberry burst:


Seconding Preston on the Liene's thing

Woodchuck Cider:


And an old standby, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout:


There's probably more beer that I like, but I'm so far divorced from WI right now that I can't remember it.

Also, can you tell I'm a chick yet? :P

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Crown Royal Special Reserve if I'm feeling rich. Been a rye man for a long time.

Also enjoy Cutty Sark and damn near any Single Malt. Highland Park is probably a standby but too expensive to indulge so I usually drink whatever my dad has on hand.

Jameson's Irish is one of the only non-Scotch hards I actually consume neat.

I enjoy a Pilsner. Russian Imperial Stout is a favorite beer from Longwood Brew Pub out here on the island. Harp Lager, a lot of malty ales, NOT PALE ALE. Or Honey Brown anything. That's not beer. Kilkenny and Guinness are also nice goodies from time to time.

White win, I prefer a Pinot Grigio.

Red wine all tastes the same and only drink it when it's the only thing available.

I sip Jagermeister over ice. Gin and Tonics with Tangueray. I also enjoy a good Manhattan if we're talking mixeds. Or any nice whiskey cocktail. Not really one for mixed drinks.

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