Advent Calendar 2010


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Stavros did this a couple years back and I thought it would be fun to do it again. How it goes is that every day up to Christmas, we take turns posting awesome images of geekery. They can be Christmas themed or not, just as long as they are geeky and awesome. If you want to be in, post below and I'll make up a schedule.


December 1st - Koete

December 2nd - Stavros

December 3rd - SuaveStar

December 4th - Ian

December 5th - Dubs

December 6th - James

December 7th - Shaun555

December 8th - Kellen

December 9th - Venneh

December 10th - Preston

December 11th - George W.

December 12th - dc20willsave

December 13th - Koete

December 14th - Stavros

December 15th - SuaveStar

December 16th - Ian

December 17th - Dubs

December 18th - James

December 19th - Shaun555

December 20th - Kellen

December 21st - Venneh

December 22nd - Preston

December 23rd - George W.

December 24th - dc20willsave

December 25th - Koete

December 1st


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