Episode 01: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

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Couple of points, the girl who worked in the diner was from #4 and 5 in the series, and I can't believe James has never seen the NOES films.

Also, I agree, Freddy using a knife when he has the fingers is odd. Also, we found out right away that what happens in a dream happens in real life, as in the first five minutes of the first movie, Tina has a Freddy mark on her nightgown from where he slashed her.

I agree this was a crap amalgamation of parts from the original series, just not very good. And I also agree that it was never stated that Freddy was a child molestator in the originals, but it was implied. (Though in part 6, they come out and say he killed the kids because they took away his daughter, which is kind of odd, seeing as that brings up the question who did he kill to cause his wife to so disgusted that Freddy had to beat her to death.)

The retcons did get weirder and weirder, though the mother being a nun was introduced in #3 by Craven(as writer with Frank Darabont) so it gets a pass from me. Even if it was a bit....weird.

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Is there a feedback e-mail yet?

Other thing, a few corrections. 1) New Nightmare came out in 94, not 99. 2) Doken's song was for Dream Warriors. The music video rocks. 3) Dubs was right. The Motor cycle death was in the fifth movie, The Dream Child. Other than that, awesome episode. Just fucking awesome.

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