2011 Resolutions


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I'm going to copy the majority of Kellen's resolutions.

-Get and keep a solid job. I'm currently touting myself as a freelancer and just about making ends meet, but a proper job would be very preferable.

-Get my financial life back in order. Whilst I don't have any debts immediately chasing me, it's only a matter of time until the bank that lent me £10k for my MA course remember me.

-C2E2. Get there. Pay for my hotel room. Hi Stavros!

-Lose some weight damnit I'm currently 15 stone, and when I have my "solid" job, I'd like to join the local rowing club and get back into boating to sort out my recent lack of exercise.

-Start a website My occupational passion is museums and I'm currently in the process of putting together a museum blog of everywhere I've been since the beginning of 2008. I want to turn my journal/blog entries into reviews that volunteers and casual users of the website can use to recommend museums in the UK and, over time, internationally as well.

-Get and keep a solid job. Achievement! I'm now a paralegal in a law firm which is about to come under the heel of a much larger law firm. I'm pretty secure where I am, and whilst it isn't a museum job, it is stable enough with room for progression in the short to mid term. The diretor of the British Museum was a lawyer, so there's hope for me yet!

-Get my financial life back in order. Hmmmmm. Due to my job, I am making my MA repayments and just about managing with food & rent on top of that, but my travelling has taken a big hit, sadly. I have enough money to live on, but not enough for a rainy day.

-C2E2. Get there. Pay for my hotel room. Achievement! Stavros has been paid! For everything else, episode 453 of Earth-2.net: The Show.

-Lose some weight damnit. Failure! I'm either still at 15 stone, or possibly a tad heavier.

-Start a website. Hmmmmm. I haven't started a museum website per se, but I have increased my contacts through networking over Twitter. Still a lot of work to do, but I've started making the in-roads I've wanted to.

2 Greens, 2 Ambers and a Red - all in all, suprisingly good going for a year I didn't think I'd done much with.

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My own:

-Lose weight. I say this every year. This year I kinda want to get it done. -Fail. No change for good or bad. Still, could be worse.

-Finish College. I can't afford to keep on putting off the two classes I need to graduate. -Hmmmmm. It's more in progress than anything else. I'm on the right track now at least.

-Write more. I don't care if this is using my crappy blog more, writing fiction, non-fiction, whatever. My major is Creative Writing and if I don't write, what's the point? -Hmmmmm. Yeah, I've done some but not nearly enough.

-Buy some new clothes. I buy new socks and underwear when I need it but I'm still wearing some of the same clothes I had in High School. -Achieved! Kinda in progress still but I'm wearing a lot better stuff than I used to.

-Get into grad school. -Fail. Yeah, this is an in progress thing more than anything else.

-Ge rid of some junk. I have a lot of stuff I don't need and I don't want to become a packrat.

-Switch to trades on some of my monthly comics. This one might be harder since I like knowing what goes on every month and DC's trade department takes forever getting things out.

-Watch some more Anime. I've owned Beck for nearly a year and still need to watch it. -Achieved! I've watched more than a few series I hadn't seen before this past year and looking forward to another year of new stuff.

-Get a new phone. My Blackberry has a tracking ball and the thing gets on my freaking nerves.-Achieved! Have an Android and I love it.

-Try doing something crazy that I haven't done before. I'm not talking try Canadian Cuisine. I'm talking something like getting published, doing a podcast, relearning how to edit videos, learn to ride a bike. Just something I haven't done before that I think might benefit me as a person. -Achieved! Got a main page article and I'm doing an E-2 segment and now cohosting another podcast.

-Finally, my crazy one, change my forum avatar at least 52 times in this year. Trying to average out about once a week. -Achieved! Might do this again.

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