The List: My Top 100 Favorite Video Games of All Time, part one


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About a year and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to make my own top 100 list, half because I don't think that any one person had attempted a solo list before, and half to see if I could actually do it. Early in the process I realized that my tastes are not reflective enough of the average gamer to quantify anything as "the best." Even if I loved Halo and Modern Warfare, it would be simply foolish of me to make some sort of list and pretend it's definitive. I can only vouch for what I personally like, the games that helped shape my tastes over the years, and that's what I'm hoping to capture here.

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Fun Fact: The game only had one code, which enabled you to play with an all-girl rosters, no doubt reflecting the female baseball revolution that took the early 90s by storm. I may or may not have made that last part up.

So you weren't a fan of A league of their own?

Now for a few genuine comments:

I would title the articles My top favourite video games of all time and put in brackets after it (#100-95) because when I originally skimmed the title, I thought "Fuck off. That'll be long as all hell" but it wasn't, it may say part 1, but from reading the title, part 1 could be the first 25 or 50 from the list. Someone finding the article would not know that a good paced, good length article is here, and they might not bother, just because of the title not giving enough information. (In my opinion)

Also, you mention how Gain Ground is on the Wii VC and in compilation on the PS2 and 360, why not say what compilations I would have to get, or where in the VC I would be able to find the game, to try it out for myself?

Other that that, a good read, and I can't wait to see what else shows up on your list. SOT was awesome, and you bring up a good point, AC does owe a bit to it with the wall running and other things.

Finally, Dubs, I thought you wanted to be British? The titles my favorite games not favourite :P

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