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I just read Venom Vs. Carnage and am starting on Hulk: Grey.

Hey Ragnarok, what do you think of the Ultimates? I want to get into it, but I want to make sure it's worth getting into first.

Its the best comic out there at the moment in my opinion, its funny, witty and has that big blockbuster feel to it. The earth's mightiest hero's comic is also really good.

Could a mod fix the title as well please.

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Lots of Ultimate stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men (although I'm planning to drop it this week), the Ultimates v2, New Avengers, Secret War, Daredevil, The Pulse, Powers (technically a Marvel book) and The Punisher. I keep thinking there are more, but I can't imagine what they are.

I'm also working my way through my 1602 hardcover edition.

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Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and basically any X-Men title not written by The Claremont. Powers, Iron Man, all the Ultimate titles, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine (and I'm loving the new storyline), Daredevil, Strange (which is pretty awesome at the moment), Secret Wars, The Pulse, X-23 (Zoe's, not mine).

And that's just Marvel? Damn, I spend too much on comics...

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I was very intrigued by this, (apparently oft-delayed title) can you explain what the deal is with it?

I don't think it's delayed, so much as it is published on a once-every-six-months schedule. The painted art is what slows it down so much, although The Pulse keeps the story rolling on a regular basis at the moment, since the two are pretty closely tied.

It's Bendis, so it's good.

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Secret Wars is both delayed and on a weird schedule. Bendis has commented that it was the very first book he ever wrote that was late, so, instead of making it consistently late due to the painted art, they later put it on the schedule we've come to see.

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