Episode 100


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if the new green lantern cartoon is in continuty would the show continue? or can we get atleast a show of the non-dcau I would help if needed.

First off, welcome to the forums. Next, the new show is not in continuity, mainly by the fact that Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 as opposed to Kyle or John. As for a show of the non-DCAU, listen to episode 438 of Earth-2.net The Show where Mike announces how you can pitch him a segment.

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Well, after almost a week of my main computer having issues I think I have it working again... for now. So I'm finally able to download podcasts again which means tonight at work WFP 100 will be at the top of the listening queue. Can't wait to hear the awesome!

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Got to listen to the show last night at work. Quite a bittersweet experience. Thank you once again Mike and James for doing an amazing show and for consistently bringing a smile (and sometimes outright fits of laughter) every other Wednesday. And thank you to Ian for the time and effort he put into the amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing clip segments.

I know where James was coming from in regards to not liking seeing or hearing recordings of himself. I'm the same way (reason I rarely, if ever call into podcasts, don't want to hear my voice). But I'm glad James was able to get over it.

And I've also met one of my best friends online and it took ~15 years before we met in person. I do have a request though, if possible when you two do eventually meet, can we have some sort of "live" podcast from the two of you? Please?

I forget who asked about possibility of Ro (and I assume Zeta) showing up in the comics so not sure if they're on the forums, but while I agree with Mike that we probably won;t see them in their own series anytime soon I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up in an issue (or even an arc) in the current Batman Beyond series. Zeta did spin out of Batman Beyond so it is is possible they could pop up there.

I wouldn't mind a live action version of the show either if it was done well. Maybe then they'd release the second season on dvd...

Gentleman, it's been a... LARRY!


Who is still unabashedly a Smallville fan

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Obviously some people are really determined that Teen Titans is or is not in continuity. Personally I only watched both Justice Leagues, Batman Beyond, Superman the Animated Series, Gothom Knights and BTAS as my difinitive DCAU. Its just how I feel. I am almost done with episode 100...I fell behind long ago, dealt with a divorce and honestly put WFP on the back burner but now I am on my final episode. So far so good I still have over an hour to go.

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