Favorite/Best: Doctor Who Series 2


Favorite/Best: Doctor Who Series 2  

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"School Reunion" is also my favorite, for the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, Anthony Stewart Head, and one of the best Mickey moments ("We are in a car."). My second favorite would be "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit."

I agree that "The Girl in the Fireplace" is the best as well, although I don't think it's as strong as Moffat's story for series 1.

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Anyone who votes for "Fear Her" should prepare for a suspension. :P

"Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday" is my favorite, because it wraps up the Rose storyline on a soul-crushing down note. (That's not me hating on Rose; that's me loving downer endings.) It brought back Mickey, who's always awesome. Jackie and Pete have a glorious reunion. The Daleks and the Cybermen! There are some awesome bits of dialog, such as when Jackie and Pete first see each other, and the Cyberman / Dalek exchange in the doorway. The Torchwood storyline comes to a close. And the ending always makes me a little sad, even though I know it's coming; David Tennant and Billie Piper put in wonderful performances after they're separated.

As for the best, it's "The Girl in the Fireplace." From the stellar writing to the unorthodox use of time travel to the brilliant acting of Tennant and Sophia Myles, it's flawless. Okay, the horse thing is a little weird, but I don't think it's a flaw per se.

EDIT: "School Reunion" would be my second favorite, because you get to see David Tennant as a fanboy, and the tension between The Doctor, Rose, and Sarah is a nice touch.

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School Reunion is one of my favorite classic Who stories of all time. There's just something to the dynamics in it as well as the fact that the monsters are kinda creepy. Plus, Sarah Jane reappearing is really what made the episode for me since it's a major link between the old and modern series.

I went for Army of Ghosts/Doomsday as the best of Series 2 for a couple of reasons. One, as much as I love Girl in the Fireplace, it's ruined by that fact that I don't buy the love story part of it, at least on the Doctor's half. Two, it's probably the best finale of the modern series thus far. I mean, it's a good climax of all the themes, the villains are handled very well, and it handles Rose pretty well. While she's probably my least favorite companion of the modern series, she really grew as a character during Series 2 and this story is really the accumulation of all that.

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