Favourite Regeneration or First new Doctor Story?

What is your favourite Regenerated Doctor Story  

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I re-watched the Christmas invasion story again. The first time round I didn't like it and was unsure of the then new Doctor. Obviously as his seasons progressed he turned out to be one of the greats. But it got me thinking is any one the first episodes of any new doctor any good and if so what is your favourite.

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"An Unearthly Child" is great, but it is connected to "100,000 BC," which brings it down some.

I don't remember much of "The Power of the Daleks," but that could be because it was a full reconstruction.

"Spearhead from Space" does a great job introducing the new Doctor and his supporting cast, but the story is a little weak. (As a Pertwee fan, however, I like it.)

"Robot" is okay too, but it's more of a Pertwee story than a Baker story.

I haven't seen "Castrovalva," "The Twin Dilemma," or "Time and the Rani," so no comment.

The Movie is trying to serve two masters: bring in new viewers, while respecting long-time fans. It fails at the former, and doesn't do too well at the latter, either. (Again, it's a guilty pleasure of mine.)

They were finding their way with "Rose," but the characters shine through. One of the better first stories.

"Christmas Invasion" is blah! The Doctor's hardly in it.

"The Eleventh Hour" is easily the best so far. The show hit the ground running, the supporting characters are fleshed out, and Matt Smith had a solid grasp on his portrayal of The Doctor.

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I can't comment on most of the classic stories since I've only seen An Unearthly Child from those. But I have to go with The Eleventh Hour because not only of the modern series is it the best in my oppinion but it holds a special place in my heart since it was the first Doctor Who story I ever watched.

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