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I hope it’s not too late to be have new discussions on this thread...

I just have one question, is the new Batman Beyond miniseries and now ongoing series in continuity with the DCAU? And for that matter, are any of the DCAU Comics considered canon? I always assumed they were because they continued abandoned storylines, provided more information about one-off characters, and they just seemed to tie the universe together more as a whole. I haven’t read any of the new Batman Beyond series, so I can't say the same, I hear that there is also an upcoming Justice League of the Future series that is set in the Batman Beyond universe (presumably based on Batman Beyond’s The Call)

Anyway I hope this topic hasn’t already been discussed, but I would love for this to be clarified.

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The new BB comic is based on DCAU continuity from what I hear. I also hear it is average at best.

The Justice League comic Which Mike (The Master) has already started in the DC thread here.

Covers this, and has a link to this article. I've spoilered the article, as it affects current DC titles.

Earlier this week Bleeding Cool told you about a new Justice League International title, which seems now to have been confirmed by the last issue of Justice League: Generation Lost.

At the time I said I knew of another Justice League title in the works and hoped to bring you news when I could.

Well this isn’t it.

This is news of yet another ongoing Justice League series, Justice League Of The Future, from the team who brought you Batman Beyond. A future DCU-set comic featuring the Justice League from, well, the future.

Not the Justice League One Million team though, we’re talking more fifty years in the future, and something closer to the team that appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episodes, “Once And Future Thing” written by Dwayne McDuffie, such as War Hawk. So it may be in actual continuity with the Batman Beyond


More to come, I’m sure. And I’m still chasing down news on that other Justice League title. With that Jeff Robinov announcement that Warners are once again looking at a Justice League movie, upping the number of Justice League titles to Avengers numbers will probably not hurt…

As the comic is a spin off of DCAU, then this Justice League comic, will also be in future continuity of the DCAU.

I hope this clears that up a little.

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The answer to both is "sort of." There's no absolute yes or no answer.

I kind of assumed that, I know there were some contradictions I just wasn't sure if it had been established that all DCAU comics were non-canon. I love how the comics brought back character's like Grace (Two-Face) and Ferris Boyle (Heart of ice) So I'm glad they aren't completely considered Not in Continuity

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