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As I recall, the second season was under another production run, so TECHNICALLY they count it separately.

That's an excellent price and I'm extremely tempted to buy it, despite the fact that it's pretty terrible. The toys were kickass, but the show was astoundingly mediocre and the nostalgia of watching it would wear off long before the episodes were gotten through.

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That was my thought too. I had that bitchin' gas station playset.

Same here. I loved the shit out of those toys.

"Hmm. Transformers are popular. G.I. Joe is popular. What if - and I'm just spitballing here - what if G.I. Joes drove around in Transformers? And then had kickass removable helmets with awesome powers to boot?"

- A Kenner executive who later won the Nobel Prize in Sheer Unmitigated Supergenius Baddassery

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