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Keith Giffen and Tom Raney are doing a new book starring the cosmic characters. It's gonna be DC's answer to Annihilation.

But then, Blue Beetle's getting cancelled. DAMN IT.

No! Jaime!... I mean... Jai-me. Jaime? Ja-ime? Jaim-e? J-aime?

Anyway, a friend said I should read the Court of Owls storyline, and I told him I did read all the new Batman comics (the New 52 ones, at least), but I couldn't see anything related to that storyline, since the comics were focusing on something with the penguin. I only remember them appearing in one issue, and that's all. So, uhm, help?

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The Court of Owls storlyine takes place mostly in Batman and a little in Nightwing... but the Night of the Owls crossover event takes place in a SHIT LOAD of books.

The following are all the books in the Night of the Owls event:

Batman #8-9

Nightwing #8-9

Batwing #9

Detective Comics #9

Batgirl #9

Batman and Robin #9

Birds of Prey #9

Catwoman #9

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

Batman: The Dark Knight #9

A Talon briefly appears in a couple pages of All-Star Western #9 and the court is mentioned to have a connection to Mister Freeze in Batman Annual #1

Hope that helps!

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Honestly, you can only read the main Batman issues and have it work just fine. The other storylines are only there if you want them (though Nightwing is pretty important to Nightwing at least).

Yeah. It's a self contained story, just with the other characters fighting an owl in their own series for an issue or two.

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