Norman Bates vs Ghostface



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Norman Bates


Debut: Psycho (1960)

Main weapon: Knife

Other names: Norma Bates, Normal Bates

Likes: His mother

Dislikes: Women, Vince Vaughn




Debut: Scream (1997)

Main weapon: Knife

Other names: Father Death

Likes: Trivia, Party City

Dislikes: Party of Five, The Wu-Tang Clan

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Ghostface is usually two people, and the theme is one turns on the other, also, it's usually a case of revenge/getting famous for Ghostface, whereas Norman is just crazy, while Ghostface is monologuing Norman will put on his mothers Sunday best and rip them to shreds.

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Norman Bates is one of the greatest horror villains of all time. Ghostface was the identity of some of the most irritating teen actors of the 90s and Roseanne's sister.

I voted for norman but one Ghost face was Timothy Olyphant, so it does have some cool points.

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