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I'm thinking Rich Johnston might be right when he suggests that the Fantastic Four and X-Men are being downplayed for a while due to a Marvel execute having a beef with Fox. Hence the lack of mutants in The Avengers and the big push for The Inhumans.

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There was a time Jason Aaron and John Cassaday on a Star Wars series would have had me very excited. Very. Excited.

Having seen Cassaday's recent work, it will be a pass for me.

I'm stoked for the Leia series based solely on the creative team. The Vader book will depend on the artist.

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So, Marvel Unlimited. Does anyone have this? Is it worth the money?

I just tried this (they had a $.99 for one month deal as part of a SDCC promotion they did, not sure if the codes are still valid at this point). For the $.99 price point, the opportunity to go through about 300 or so comics in a month's time that I'd been meaning to read was definitely worth it. For teh equivalent of a Netflix subscription per year... yeah, not so much.

If said promotional codes are still valid, then definitely go that route. I'd imagine we'll be seeing something like this again for the next major con (NYCC maybe?).

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Just re-read Secret Invasion. The lead up is far better than the actual thing. Anyway I thought I'd do some reading on what happens to some characters afterwards and bam, I find out Wasp is alive again. Weird sticking point I know but does nobody ever die for real? It's impossible to take death seriously in comics. What I really mean it, Wasp died, who imagined that bringing her back would mean anything? It's frickin' WASP. I am cool with bringing back characters for big idea and trying to draw people in. Bucky, Captain America, Thor, Norman Osbourne, they were at the centre of big reveals and special storylines. Why the hell bring Wasp of all people back, who really cares? Just let some people die, you've got a complete logjam of young new often legacy characters who will never be anything because they can never take that top spot.

If they think certain characters merit big stories then do some period books. I'd love to read a good miniseries starring Captain Marvel before his death, you could even tie it into modern cosmic events.

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