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I remember Secret Invasion most for getting in heated arguments with people who thought it was better than Final Crisis.


Ick. And I didn't even like Final Crisis that much.

Secret Invasion was a really interesting idea that they dropped the ball with. When Bendis went on record as saying, "Now, Secret Invasion was nothing, it was all just a prelude to Dark Reign", I said, "That's it. I'm out."

That's funny. I never heard that quote, but I seriously felt like I heard Bendis saying that as I read the final (idiotic) pages of Secret Invasion. And I was pissed.

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I actually liked Dark Reign quite a lot, it felt like the natural conclusion to stuff they'd been running since Civil War. As Preston says, Dark Avengers was a really fun book to have spinning off the back of Thunderbolts. It wasn't until Avengers vs X-men that I really lost all patience with Marvel's big events and reduced right down to a few core titles.

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I liked Dark Reign for what it was. It was the utter disposability of the previous storyline which led directly into the next one, where Bendis (I'm fairly certain this was on Word Balloon) talked about how Secret Invasion was a nothing story, how this next story was the real story, how the only reason he even deigned to tell SI was so that he could get to DR, after well over a year of incredible hype and drama and "nothing will ever be the same again" that accompanied SI, that severely turned me off.

I mean, comic events are ridiculously overblown anyway, but that was the straw for me.

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