Amy Winehouse, dead at 27

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No, she'll go with all the other one hit wonders who died of an OD. Big frickin' surprise.

I'll be over here caring more about Norway, which will e eclipsed by this in the American news cycle, I'm sure.

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I'll say it now cause it's happened three times already.

Anyone making the "she should have gone to rehab" joke on FB is getting deleted.

I'm not exactly broken up about the whole thing, but the death of a human being is not proper cause for you to hit me with your stand-up act.

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I have no sympathy for someone that I could see was dying bit by bit for the past couple years by something she was doing to herself. The fact that she was talented at music makes no difference to me. Everyone is good at something.

The fact that all I saw was a tweet that said her name with nothing about her being dead and I automatically knew shows I was prepared for this a long time ago.

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I'm sick of people calling it a tragedy. (Not directed at your post, Mike.) What's happening in Norway is a tragedy, this is a woman who had all the resources in the world for shrinks, rehab, counseling. She chose to blow it on drugs and she killed herself. People do it every day. It's sad, tragic, surely. But the act itself is going to be one of little consequence. I wish people could get some fucking perspective.

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