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Let's look at some limited edition consoles, specifically those that advertise another product.


The Coca-Cola Game Gear, a Japanese exclusive that came with its own exclusive advergame, Coca-Cola Kid, presumably about a child with rotten teeth and an addiction to caffeine.


The Mountain Dew X-Box. Only 5000 were produced and the only way to get one was to cash in reward points for drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew. Now that I think about it, it's amazing that I never found myself with one by accident for that reason. Always wanted one though.


Hello Kitty Dreamcast. It's worth noting that there's a Hello Kitty version of pretty much every system ever made.


Darth Vader Wii. Star Wars is right behind Hello Kitty on the oversaturation scale, though there are only 4 known copies of this specific model.


Dragon Ball Z DS. You know, the DS, home to all of your favourite DBZ games like... you know, that one where they relive the Saiyan Saga.


Yes, there is a P!nk PSP.

No, there is no god.

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From the Shaq-Fu auction:

My goal is for 5 star feedback. If you feel the need to leave lower than 5 star feedback please contact me so that we can resolve anything you are unhappy about.

I can't decide if a prospective buyer should be angry at the seller for pricing it so high, or mad at themselves for being an idiot.

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Today we're looking at the different ports of the original Mortal Kombat.


Let's start with the Mega Drive version. Fondly remembered as the first uncensored home port, it was actually censored by default, only showing blood after the use of a code. It's pretty rough in every other aspect. The music had to be heavily modified to work on the Genesis, and a lot of animation frames were cut. Also, trying to play with a 3 button controller is about as fun as it sounds.


Not only is the blood replaced with sweat and the fatalities modified, but in the SNES version they actually changed the fundamentals in how the game was played. Uppercuts have completely different properties in this version and the many of the combos from the arcade version don't work at all. Probably the best looking and sounding home port for a while though.


Yup, it came out for the Master System. Well, in Europe at least, where the Master System didn't fail. This version is uncensored, but only features two levels, two buttons to control with, and no Kano. You actually have to hold back and punch to block. I have no idea how this screenshot of the spear was created, because doing any special moves in this version is nearly impossible. The exact same port also came out for the Game Gear.


Sega CD. Take the Mega Drive version. Add load times. Eliminate the need for the uncensor code. Make it prettier and with better sound. Add some more load times.


There's a story to be told about the Amiga, especially to Westerners unfamilar with it, but all you really need to know about this version is that it's ugly as sin and you can do every special move in the game with one button, mainly because most Amiga joysticks only had one button.


Then there's the Gameboy version. The only good thing about this version is the ability to play as Goro with a code. It's really not worth it considering all of the other issues it has. No Johnny Cage here. No actual gameplay either. There are no "controls" to this game, per say. More like "suggestions". Roundhouse kicks literally go right through opponents. Moves may come out seconds after you push the button and sometimes not at all.


And of course nothing is ever complete without a Chinese pirate NES version. This one is titled Mortal Kombat V1996 Turbo 30 Peoples, no doubt in reference to the amount of people that will ever want to play it. There's a kick button? That question mark is not a typo. I'm genuinely unsure.

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Wacky collectors editions it is.


The only thing more useless than a copy of Duke Nukem Forever? The Duke Nukem Forever Collector's Edition, which came with a bunch of stickers and playing cards. Balls of Steel not included.


The Special Edition of Street Fighter X Tekken came with the above, a bank in the shape of an arcade cabinet. It also came with codes to download exclusive gems, meaning, yes, you can pay to win the game.


The Japan-only Final Fantasy Ultimate Box comes with the expected art books and soundtrack CDs. It also comes with every single numbered Final Fantasy game. Ever.


The Special Edition of Rez came with a "Trance Vibrator". No, seriously, that's what it was called. The function of said item is unknown.


The Arkham Asylum Special Edition came with a replica Batarang... that was stuck to the display stand, eliminating the grand total of one things you would ever want to do with a Batarang.


In certain PAL territories, the Bayonetta Climax edition came with a GUN. A GUN.


This Edition of Saint's Row the Third comes with sunglasses, cuff links, and BULLET SHAPED ICE CUBE TRAYS, which means it officially wins everything.

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I love CE's for games, because most of the time, it's just worthless tat that you wouldn't buy on its own, but when it's bundled with a game, it's something you just need to have. I've seen that collectors edition of Duke Nukem for sale in a game store for months, the bust is about 4 inches, and looks like crap.

I remember this CE coming out with Mortal Kombat:


Great game, but weird collectable.

And here's a collectors edition that I kind of like that's coming out for the new Aliens game. But like most of these, it's really overpriced. It's currently £69.99 on Amazon. 916MbITzNPL._AA1500_.jpg

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