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Hi fellow geeks! I love the time-travel concept in movies and literature and since I first saw it at 13, I fell in love with the short lived 1982-1983 NBC series Voyagers! For over 5 years and counting I have gradually developed the biggest site on the 'net for it. It was basically a kid's show, (Though I would give it more a Young Adult range) designed by Scholastic books to promote reading and history. Today it has crossed over to the adults who remember it fondly. Voyagers was released on DVD in 2007 and that's a fan's ultimate dream. I'm also stoked because on the Voyagers German release in 2008, my website was labeled as one of the main sources for information on the series. That was a fan's honor. :D

Voyagers starred the late Jon-Erik Hexum as Phineas Bogg, the somewhat inept Pirate Time Traveler whose job it is to keep history following its proper course. Phineas has a side-kick orphan that he rescues from 1982, then child star Meeno Peluce (Now a famous Photographer) as Jeffrey Jones, an 11-yr old history whiz kid. The other star of the show is the time machine itself, called an Omni, I think it was one of the most beautiful and elegant time travel devices ever created for television and movies. When the omni is red, it means history is wrong, a green light means it's back on track and the boys move on to their next mission.


Voyagers was inspired by shows like Dr. Who and the old Peabody and Sherman cartoons and The Time Tunnel. However, the concept of Voyagers paved the way for the immensely popular Quantum Leap, which also aired on NBC just a few years later. So, if you like time-travel with a little steampunk edge, history, and if you seriously want to see one of the most gorgeous men ever, you will like this website and the series. It has found a whole new fanbase. I also run a Facebook group called 'voyagersguidebook' and have a blog on 'blogger' with the same name. All those links are on the website. There's art, sound clips, video clips, fan-vids, fan-fic, tons of pictures, quizzes…and of course many articles and facts. Plenty to keep fans busy.

Voyagers Guidebook: The Ultimate Picture Fansite

Thanks, hope you enjoy it. :yes:

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