Valhalla: Chapter I: Drake


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Valhalla: Volume I

Chapter I : Drake

Written by: Reece Heinen

Gunfire was the only sound on the decimated field in France, 1942. American soldiers struggled to hold their lines against an overwhelming German force.

In the bloodied trenches a lone soldier crawled desperately on his stomach. His name was Sergeant Drake Alexander and he was trying to flank the ever- pressing enemy.

"Make sure none of those American pigs got past our lines." a commander yelled in German. Two Nazi soldiers started scanning the area. Drake tried not to breath and held his rifle close. A German walked up to the trench, kicking loose dirt down on Alexander. Drake grabbed his leg and pulled the soldier into the ditch before slamming the butt of his rifle on the man's head. The other started firing a Gewehr 98. Drake rolled and shot down the other guard.

The German commander slowly turned towards Drake. Drake felt a sudden chill over his body and he shivered, uncontrollably. The commander's face dissolved off and it tore through its Nazi attire to reveal a black cloak surrounding a ghastly, skeletal face. Drake shot several rounds, but the bullets only pushed the reaper back. The skeletal reaper drew an impossibly long scythe from his robe and swung it behind his body.

Abruptly, American airplanes passed overhead and dropped the Airborne Elite on parachutes. The American soldiers fired machine guns into the German fray, bringing down dozens of enemy soldiers. A couple bullets hit the reaper and he screamed at the soldiers. Drake charged at the skeleton screaming and bashed his gun on the reaper's neck. Alexander smiled grimly, but the twisted bones reattached themselves through some unknowable power. The skeletal reaper raised the scythe again and Drake accepted death in his heart.

Suddenly, a brilliant burst of light shattered the tension and a swirling vortex emerged in the air. A mechanical blue behemoth leaped out, one hand an iron fist and the other a large claw. Drake was even more shocked to see a young boy inside the robot, operating it. The model name on the automaton read Deltacron.

Deltacron punched the reaper down and lifted it into the air squirming. The reaper's eyes glowed yellow and suddenly dead Germans and Americans started shedding their skin and summoning spears from the ground. The robot threw the reaper back and started crushing its skeletal foes.

"Save yourself, Sergeant Alexander." Deltacron screamed. Drake went for the ditch and dived in. The reaper mended himself back to life and found a Nazi grenade attached to a reanimated Nazi's uniform. He grabbed it pulled the pin.

Drake crawled away from the fight as quickly as he could when he saw an armed grenade fly over his head. His eyes widened, but as the grenade exploded he felt himself being pulled away from his body. The reaper vanished as well and his minions fell to pieces. Deltacron looked around the battlefield in awe. He left through his portal before the Airborne Elite could see him.

Drake awoke in a brightly lit room. He could hear people talking, but couldn't make sense of any of the words.

"What happened?" he asked, rubbing his bruised head.

"You were the victim of a powerful, undead being. Luckily, I saved you just in time." came a voice. "I've been watching you for a while now, Drake Alexander, and I can safely say your ability on the field of battle impresses me greatly." Drake looked up to see a bronze skinned man with the wings of a hawk.

"But, why me?" Drake asked. "Am I dead?"

"No, Drake, I have brought you to Valhalla to fight against the evil forces of Utgar." the hawk man explained.

"Who's Utgar and who are you?" Alexander asked.

"I am Jandar, one of the Valkyrie who partook of the magical waters from the wellsprings found on our once peaceful world. These waters granted youth and strength to those who drank them, but there was also a strange side-effect. They gave strange dreams of warriors throughout time and space and through careful meditation I was able to summon them to Valhalla. However, Utgar does not see my way on these wellsprings. He is summoning horrific creatures and entities to take the remainder of the springs." Jandar said.

"Why should I fight for you? This isn't my world." Drake said.

"If Utgar is allowed to destroy my world he will get to yours sooner or later." Jandar warned.

"I will fight, Jandar, but not for your precious wellsprings, but for the boys back home who have no idea the danger their in." Drake said firmly. Jandar nodded and led the sergeant to another room.

The reaper appeared in a fiery dungeon, limbs chained to a stone table. Several demonic grunts stood, looking over him. They all chattered amongst themselves.

Suddenly, a door slammed and everyone became as silent as the grave. A tall armored knight walked towards the reaper while the demons bowed in terror.

"It seems Valkrill has betrayed me." the knight said. He cast a red eye at his grunts.

"Yes, Grazz't, Lord of the Viranti!" the demons chanted in eerie unison.

"He bragged to me so of the skeletal reapers and their ability to serve. But, what is this. Defeated by a mere human. Not as great a warrior as I had thought." Grazz't said, clicking his tongue.

"There was a Soulborg." the reaper rasped.

"And I'm to believe that the residents of Alpha Prime are more powerful than my legion?" Grazz't asked sarcastically. The Viranti leader leaned in, waiting for an answer. "So, you willingly choose death. Kazzad." A demon, bird hybrid approached the reaper. A stone knife appeared in his thin hand and he stabbed into the reaper's heart. Flames engulfed the skeleton as it screamed in agony.

"Valkrill will not be pleased." Kazzad said timidly.

"That may be, but I need the wellsprings and no lesser being will get in my path." Grazz't threatened...

To be continued...


Heroscape is a creation of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast

The Skeletal Reaper and Skeletal Spearmen are owned by Fen_Hydra


Kazzad, Drazz't, and Viranti are owned by White Knight


Sgt. Drake pic

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