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March 8, 2005 - At this evening's 2005 Walk of Game Induction ceremony, SEGA of America confirmed that it would be publishing a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog title for unspecified platforms this holiday season. Known as Shadow the Hedgehog, the new title follows up on last year's multiplatform hit Sonic Heroes with a dark thematic and an emphasis on action .

Exact details about the gameplay elements, characters, and stages have not yet been confirmed, but based on the promotional trailer, Shadow appears to mix the classic 3D platforming elements of Sonic Adventure with the insane weapon shooting of the Ratchet and Clank series. Of course, this only based on what we've seen from the trailer, so I'm sure there's more to the game than just that.

To see the trailer for yourself, just click on the media page below. We'll be back with more information on Shadow the Hedgehog as it becomes available.

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This should make some Sonic fan boys happy.

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I was critical before seeing the trailor, but the video looks to be far better than Sonic H*****. I'd call it Sonic Adventure 2: Part 2, myself. Nice to know that once again that they've ignored the fact that Shadow should actually be dead.

"Enter the 'Shadowy' world."


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