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Back story:

The guys and I have been kinda sorta bandying about the idea of doing mini-episodes every once in a while (like "Tranquil Tirades Episode 14.5" or something.) These would take place in between regular episodes of the show where we will always be ripping apart a film. Mike, for example, said only half-jokingly that we should order an Impact Wrestling (f.k.a. TNA) PPV and rip it a new one. Thing is, I don't think that's a bad idea for a mini-episode.

So, I wanted your opinions on some other media you'd be interested in hearing us talk about/rip apart. And some examples would be more than welcome, as well. This isn't a guarantee to happen, but it's something I'd like to gauge interest in, at the very least.

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That's terrible. Oh, dude, Bugs and Crime Traveller. This is what the BBC were making in the 90's when they'd finally got rid of Doctor Who.

Bugs- A show about spies and technology with a hilariously low budget. Think of it as being a bit like Fringe but replace mind-boggling scientific discovery with dial-up internet and brick cellphones. The highlight? When terrorists fire an intercontinetal ballistic missile (that's about a metre long) only for our heroes to change the guidance so it flies back and hits them. Oh, and the entire time it's flying, the missile is at street level. How do we know? Because we see it from a missile's eye view. It's literally turning at street corners when supposedly 4 minutes eariler with was 50 miles from Geneva. I can't find the clip, but it's the stupidest thing I've ever seen on TV.

Crime Traveller-

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I agree about Bugs, but Crime Traveller was awesome!

I've always taken the Tirades to be about visual media, so I could see it applying to TV shows and wrestling PPVs quite handily. Adverts are usually awful but also short, and I don't know how much ranting material you'd get out of them. Books/literature I just can't see you guys getting much out of, unless it was a tedious celebrity autobiography.

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I want to hear a Tranquil Tirade on Captain Planet. Yes, I know you did one in Episode Seven of Earth-2 the Show, but that was only for about five minutes. I can only imagine what you'd do on that over a full show.


Doing tirades on video games and music would be stepping on the toes of Extra Lives and Dropped D, where I'm sure the hosts will be covering terrible stuff every once and while for shits and giggles anyway.

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Since you brought up the topic of doing things outside of movies in the most recent episode, here's a short list of suggestions:

TV Shows

Captain Planet- So many good episodes as candidates here. I would suggest A Good Bomb is Hard to Find where Doctor Blight and her future self time travel to WW2 to try to sell a nuclear bomb, Mission to Save the Earth which is the two parter with Captain Pollution, Fare Thee Whale where Doctor Blight and Looten Plunder decide that whales suck and Gaia demonstrates that she can just make more whales, or Population Bomb which is the episode dealing with the need for population control by using freaking genetically modified rats.

Failed Pilots- So many bad pilots have leaked or been shown over the years that never got picked up. Some good canidates that can be tracked down include Lost in Oz, where a girl ends up in Oz where she gets lost, the Wonder Woman pilot which just stinks of utter shit, Cruel Intentions 2 which technically counts since it was the unaired episodes of a show that Fox chose never to air that would have been a prequel to the original film, and Battletoads which is ugly animated adaptation of Battletoads.

The Decision- LeBron James jerks off for 75 minutes, explains why he's awesome, and then pisses off half of the state of Ohio.

Little House on the Prairie- Off the top of my head, The Last Farewell in which the town is bought by the railroad so the cast blows it up,

Viva Laughlin- Show on CBS that lasted two episodes and for good reasons. Just leaving this here (can't believe we've linked this video twice in a month)

TV Movies

Liz & Dick- Lindsey Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor. It is laughably bad.

Supershark- So freaking pointlessly bad. The shark flies, there's a mechtank for some reason, and you spend half the movie with a group of characters who gets some development only for them all to get killed off without ever interacting with the leads.

Holiday in Handcuffs- A good one for a Christmas or Christmas in July episode. Melissa Joan Hart is a sociopath who kidnaps Mario Lopez, takes him to Christmas with her family, and then they somehow fall in love.

A Smokey Mountain Christmas- Dolly Parton spends Christmas in the mountains only her cabin is inhabited by some random orphans. There's also a witch who specializes is acting like Stevie Nicks. Long story short, it's mainly there for Dolly Parton to play a thinly veiled version of herself who then shows off her cleavage every chance she gets.

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I noticed that documentaries ever get reviewed, it is like they are immune to criticism. I thought the same way until I saw the documentary "Narnia & Beyond." It is a documentary about C.S. Lewis made by someone who wants to write a documentary about Harry Potter.

Now before you think I am trying to go on a religious or political campagin, let me explain. I have no problem with a documentary on Rowling, she is an interesting person. The reason why I mentioned Harry Potter was because the narrator talks more about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling than Narnia and Lewis. To top it off they say that his wife was ugly.

A good documentary gets you excited. I have gotten people curious about Troll 2 by showing them "Best Worst Movie." However By the end of this documentary I never wanted to read anything by Clive Staples again.

Fortunately I saw better documentaries about the man.

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Documentaries are a possibility, but in my experience the truly awful ones have a heavily political or religious slant and I really don't want to alienate listeners. I don't ever want the show to cross over from funny to mean-spirited. Too many comedic things on the internet have done that. It's also hard to fit them into the Tiradesverse concept, due to the characters being mostly real.

The main issue with the Youtube channel is that I'm just lazy and haven't gotten off my ass to upload more clips. Riffing is a weird thing in that I want to do it, but don't want to come off as some cheap imitator at the same time, because if Youtube has become anything, it's been a medium for people to imitate more popular things for the sake of views. That said, (and James can attest to this) I essentially riff every single thing I watch anyway, so I have the skill set for it.

I'll put it in the idea folder. It's something I'd want to explore but don't want to do it unless there's a unique spin on it.

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