Episodes 33 & 34


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It's two episodes for the price of one! Aaron and Damien make up for the delay with a double episode chock full of things that you're guaranteed to love. Unless you're someone that doesn't like video games and / or podcasts. For everyone else, there's a double-sized Box segment, the finale of the Mass Effect playthrough, and premonitions of the apocalypse. At least Ashley's a bigot. [ 2:38:42 || 72.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/extralives/episodes/extralives_033-034.mp3

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I'm surprised you didn't pick up upon my heavy Nintendo sarcasm, Dubs! Unless you did and were being sarcastic about my sarcasm, which is just plain confusing. But thanks for answering the question all the same. I'm actually going to be frightfully poor this month so I won't be getting Arkham City immediately, but if you're not going through the plot twists to a great extent, then I should be good to keep listening. Even if Batman does manage to overcome the odds for once - I swear that guy rivals James Bond for how often he fails to save the day!!

The Mass Effect walkthrough was very interesting. As I primarily get my gaming news from Morphine Jim, who hates the game, I hadn't been interested until you guys showcased it. If giving the series a try, is it vital to start at the beginning? I know some game sequels hang too much upon the events of its predecessor.

Not looking forwards to this lists episode though. I know Dubs mentioned the last 15 years of Nintendo, but I have a bad feeling he's going to go beyond that and into the golden era. Still, I have my ham radio on standby....
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I totally wasn't being sarcastic there.

But I was being sarcastic above. Figure that one out.

I love Jimmles, but his taste in games kinda sucks sometimes. Fitting for a Suda 51 fan!

Mass Effect 2 is the vastly superior game, but the series is so reliant on universe building that it's sort of required to play through the first. It only takes about 20 hours on average, and it's not like it's horrible, as long as you keep humans out of your party.

I only have one first party Nintendo game on my list, and it's an easy one to guess, given my tastes.

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