Episode 13


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As the trio make their way towards the end of the second season, it appears the fans have decided their next series in an entertaining batch of e-mails. Then the gang gets to work in reviewing "Appa's Lost Days", "Lake Laogai" and "The Earth King." [ 1:03:35 || 30.8 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/avatarthelastpodcast/episodes/avatar_013.mp3

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Just wanted to drop a line and say that I really like listening to the podcast each month, although - maybe it's my age - the 'shipping' stuff makes my brain turn into fucking mush. HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE.

ANYWAY, I really like listening to the evaluations because it's interesting to see when I strongly disagree with you. It's a strong nostalgia thing (maybe that's not the right word) for me to listen and remember the episodes and my reactions to them.

As a humorous aside, I remember somewhere around the end of season 2 I got a message on the Oratory from someone - I'm almost positive it was Kellen - saying something like 'I saw you have a picture of The Last Airbender as your profile. I think that looks interesting. Do you think it's worth catching up on?' My response was somewhere along the lines of 'Definitely, I think it's the best animated series ever made.' Just a few days later, I got a message back that said, 'I downloaded and watched the whole series already! This thing is awesome!'

I'm thinking it was you, Kellen, because I know we talked on IM back then. But you might not remember that.

Regardless, keep it up guys (and girl) because it's fun.

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