Gamers: Got a microphone and thirty seconds to spare?


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Hey all. I was wondering if I could ask for help from anyone on the forums who answers to the following:

You are a gamer, you own a working microphone, and have access to Audacity.

If you can do those three things, I really need your help.

I need some people to record some vox pops for a radio show segment that I am trying to put together on the top games of Christmas 2011. And I need some people to say what games they are going to be playing/hoping to get as presents over the Christmas period.

I do need you to do two things for me, which is record the following statement, and add your own name and the games you are looking forward to, this Christmas:

My name is (Your full name, please) and I waive all rights to what I am about to say to UWS Radio, I consent to them playing my audio over the air waves.

This is to show that you accept that the audio may be played on the Universities local radio station, if my lecturer chooses to do so.

You will then say:

I'm (Full name again, please) and the game I'm looking forward to playing this Winter/Christmas is....

And then say what the games are, what console they are on, and why you want to play them.

This should take about five minutes to produce at most. Do not worry about editing your efforts, if you need to restart or pause for any reason, that's fine. Just as long as you say all that, then that's all I will need.

Thank you for any help you can give in advance. When you have recorded the file please PM me, or reply to this post and I'll PM you with the Gmail address to send it to. Please put the file in either Wav format or MP3.

Again, thanks.

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So, do we need to give our reasoning for what games we want to play and what format?

Shit. i totally forgot about that, sorry. Yes, say the games you want to play and what format and why you want to play those games.

Sorry, that totally slipped my mind. Thanks for pointing that out, Will. I'll edit it into the first post now.

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OK. Last call. Could anyone record an MP3 saying the games you want to play, and either say you're OK with your audio being played on UWS, or include it in your e-mail to:

Or PM me.

Before this Sunday night. I will be really grateful if even one person can take the time to record something on the games they want to play this Christmas Season.

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