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The PS4 has Infamous and Resogun at least.

I think you can also broaden the criteria to include games like Final Fantasy XIV and Titanfall. Both games are available on last-gen consoles and PC, but the last-gen versions are clearly not at the intended level of quality and most gamers don't have a high-end gaming PC anyway.

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Sure, but if you're choosing between one or the other, the power discrepancy will make a difference. The two consoles roughly work the same way, but the PS4 does have somewhere between 40% and 50% more power overall. That's a much bigger gap than the last generation, where the PS3 and 360 each had strengths and weaknesses but ultimately settled somewhere in the middle.

Already we've seen games running at 60FPS on PS4 but 30FPS on XO. For people who are still deciding which console to buy, things like that could be a factor.

That's not to say that the XO is a bad purchase, just that its limitations are real and need to be considered when deciding between consoles.

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Console power is pretty much irrelevant, even moreso at this point. People overly concerned with specs and frame-rates are playing on PCs.

The PS4 is in the early lead because of price point, a better subscription service, and better press. Power doesn't mean a thing.

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Speaking from personal experience, it definitely is a factor for me. One of the primary reasons I'm getting a PS4 instead of an XO is because third-party games have thus far been running somewhat better on PS4. Not to the point where they aren't still 95% the same game on XO, mind you, but if I can have that extra bit of polish for the same price, why not?

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It may matter to you, but it doesn't in larger conversation of whether a console succeeds or fails.

If anything, there is an inverse correlation between a console's power in relation to others in the same generation and how well it sells.

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It was also a completely different kind of console with 90% entirely different games. When Nintendo said they weren't directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, they meant it.

The PS4 and XO are virtually the same product, only the PS4 is (arguably) better at doing it. That makes a difference, at least in the product itself, regardless of how the masses respond.

To clarify, I wasn't ever arguing that the PS4 is going to outsell the XO just because it's more powerful. Sales-wise, it could end up going the other way around for sure. I just meant that if you're evaluating what is the better product, the PS4's graphical edge is a notable factor.

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