What movie series should I cover?


Choose the franchises.  

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Spider-Man: You can talk about them, and how 3 was just a giant clusterfuck of stuff.

Matrix: It started off so well, and then, it just sort of started sucking, badly.

X-Men: So many characters. Plus, you can cover the Wolverine film.

Other: Aliens and The Predator series. At one point I was going to pitch covering these films to you, for a segment, but it would be nice if you could bring some new insight to the films.

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Stark Trek, Star Wars and the Terminator were my picks, mainly because there's more than 3 films in each franchise.

I also recommend you doing the Alien, Predator & AvP franchises - my former housemate had a boxset of all of those films combined (which came out before last year's Predators) and I worked my way through those, having a wonderful time throughout. Apart from whenever Winona Ryder was onscreen in Alien Resurrection. Otherwise I had a blast watching them whilst lagered up! (Look out for the 2 AvP films on upcoming episodes of Dread Reel-lief btw).

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Star Trek also. Most of the other franchises have either been done to death or sound like they would be painful. I refuse to put anyone in a situation where they have to watch the second Transformers.

I feel reluctant to bring this up, since I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but there are some painfully bad films in that series too.

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The problem with reviewing Star Wars (mostly the originals) is that it's like reviewing the Bible. It just kind of doesn't make sense.


I mean that it's so deeply embedded in modern culture that it's not the kind of thing that lends itself to critique. Granted, the Bible isn't meant for entertainment's sake, but still, the original Star Wars trilogy is similar in that it's a kind of cultural standard.

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I was under the impression Mike was asking for a series to do commentaries on. In that his original handle was Master Yoda and that either episode 1 or 2 of The Show had him complain about the character's handling in Revenge of the Sith, as well as alluding to absorbing A New Hope whilst he was in the womb, I figured there were a few personal anecdotes into his history with the franchise.

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