Episode 13


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Dave and Ian experience the agony and the ecstasy of <i>Blake's 7</i> as they close out the year with another two episodes. In "Gambit," Blake looks for a man who might know where Star One is, Avon and Vila use Orac to break the bank at a casino, and Servalan deals with the flamboyant mobster Krantor. In "The Keeper," Blake searches for a man who definitely knows where Star One is, everyone tells Jenna she's beautiful, and Cosplay Travis kicks a jester. Plus, how midgets can improve extreme gambling, some old friends appear in a truly epic <i>Who</i> count, and Ian makes a seasonal appeal for feedback via the medium of song. [ 2:18:55 || 66.7 MB ]

<b>To listen, click here:</b> http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/shakeandblake/episodes/shakeandblake_013.mp3

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I'm midway through the episode.

Wilson, you're dead to me.

Dave, the Speed Chess / Doctor Who reference comes from "The Wedding of River Song," where The Doctor plays a deadly game of Live Chess to gain information about The Silence and the whereabouts of Dorium Maldovar.

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What's this? "Mraaaaawwwww!" I don't understand Zombie-English-English, my dead friend. I'm sorry!

Anyways, I still have 45-ish minutes to go in the show, so I've yet to hear how / if you redeem yourself. <_<

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