Hanukkah / Christmas gifts, 2011 edition


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Back from my rounds, I got-

Substantial complete stereo system

Loads of food, sweets and teabags for my new place

Demo v2

Northlanders vol 4

The complete Dirty Harry series on Blu-ray

Life on Blu-ray


The Omega Man

Soylent Green


Annie Hall


The Candidate

Butch Cassiday & the Sundance Kid


Really going to get to explore some classic cinema with this lot.

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Volumes 4 and 5 of Preacher.

A couple of grilling books

A ton of tools.

Arkham City calendar.

A digital photo frame.

Bobblehead Batman.


The Reb Brown Captain America Movies. (Mistake by my mother.)

Muppet Treasure Island on DVD

A brand new BBQ grill

A hand made wooden toy, by Mic's late grandfather.

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Add Vertigo, Rear Window and Grave of the Fireflies to my haul.

My film snob side is jealous.

My stated purpose this year with the lists everyone asks for was to improve my classic cinema dept in my DVD collection. 17 films plus the Planet Earth TV series isn't bad. None of the films were made past 1986 either, I'm not letting the machine cash-in on me too much this year.

Mike, did you get the GoT DVD's or Books?

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-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

-Winnipeg Jets jersey (Pavelec - 31 - Inagural Season Patch - dark jersey)

-New George Foreman Grill

-$30 in Grocery Store Gift Cards

-Gretzky's Tears book

-Various clothes (mostly of the Winnipeg Jets variety)

-Various snacks/care packages/etc.

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Just got a Visa gift card from my father that will be used for the following things:

-My current Amazon cart (Dances with Dragons, Community S1 and 2, texting gloves, and a 50 foot internet cable for the X-Box 360)

-Booze (ie Baileys, Kahlua, stuff I don't get on a normal basis bc of cost).

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