Episode 80


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After spending five minutes gushing about a podcast, Dan and Mike close out 2011 by banging their heads against the wall while discussing "The Mark of the Rani" (with a character-damaging appearance by The Master) and "The Two Doctors" (with Patrick Troughton spending the bulk of his time strapped into or on things). [ 1:56:45 || 56.1 MB ]

<b>To listen, click here:</b> http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_080.mp3

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Unless you guys are actually gonna cover this, I think we'd be remiss if A Fix With Sontarans wasn't mentioned. It aired during The Two Doctors' (which I love but can see why some might not) transmission period. Written by Eric Saward, it features the return of popular companion Tegan, as well as a plucky newcomer in guest star Gareth Jenkins, and of course, Sontarans melting horrifically into a mess of green blood and empty bodysuits. Truly a TV classic that will be treasured by generations of Doctor Who fans.

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Well, they could of been worse, there is no Myrka/Adric or a hybrid of the 2 :o I've always found the accents/speeches a bit irritating in motr and i've never really put me finger on why. I just thought it was the accents tbh, some crappy hovis advert/period drama type thing the sort of which i truely disliked at the time, ee lets get some whippets and flat caps. I don't know why really as i'm a northerner, maybe i just got a massive chip on me shoulder or something :D

If the Master had not been in it and the Rani had turned out to be the Master, that would of blown my mind :D and would be fitting as she is a mistress of disguise, wait until you see her bonnie langford impression, it's uncanny!

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